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Thank you for visiting my studio page. I began the Barrett Penrod Voice Studio officially in June 2022, after completing my dual graduate degrees at New York University. I’ll be up front with you - I’m not like most other voice teachers. I’m not going to mold you into a packaged perfect sound, I’m not going to push you towards a particular method, and I’m not ever at any point going to tell you that you sound bad. What I am going to do is give you the tools to become truly skilled, no matter what your ability is at the start. If you’re a pro and happy with your sound, then we’re going to keep your voice how you need it to be. If you wanna change, then we’ll create the way you want to be heard. If you’re a beginner, then you’ll learn the tools that will open doors you never thought possible. Book in with me, and let’s hear you do wonders!

My Philiosophy

Anyone can become a skilled singer. It's not about having talent. The price you pay to train your voice is attention, time, and commitment. If you really want it, I can help you achieve it.


The methodology I utilize to teach singing is unique to the singing community. My method incorporates my training in contemporary and classic acting technique, Science informed vocal pedagogy, and Motor Learning Theory training. Blended together, these schools of performance instruction enable me to train aspiring singers of all levels of coordination, stylistic preference, and background.

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Want to see a lesson?


Voice Lesson

One hour, one on one individualized voice lesson, where we work the coordination and function of the voice for singing technique, both genre specific and individual style, and performance.

Voice Coaching

One hour, one on one individualized voice coaching, where we work the artistic interpretation of client chosen repertoire through the lens of musicality, stylistic choice, song analysis, personal authenticity in song, and acting in song.

SVS Session

One hour and fifteen minute habilitative session focused towards the singing voice for singers who are currently/formerly undergoing vocal rehabilitative treatment with a Speech Language Pathologist and Laryngologist.

Audition Coaching

A one hour, individual audition prep coaching for specific industry auditions or general audition skills, with additional audition book consultation.

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A FREE 20 minute zoom meeting where you will meet me, discuss your goals, wants, and needs for your voice journey, and learn more about me, my methodology and teaching style. At the end of the consultation we will either book you for your first session, or you will leave with a list contact info for several of my colleagues who may be a closer match! Book your free consultation here today!

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1 session free


8 Session Package

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12 Session Package

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