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Barrett Penrod

Hello! Glad to see you here. Feel free to stay awhile!

So, about me:

If you sat me down, ordered us a round of margaritas, and asked me to tell you about me and what I do – we’d be talking for a few good hours. Expect me to geek out about the human voice a lot. I’ll tell you what I like to do outside of work to keep balanced. I’ll talk about where my partner and I have traveled, my favorite true crime podcast I’ve been listening to, and what the last show on Broadway was that gave me goosebumps. I’ll also want to know what you’re excited about or working on!

To list some specifics about my work – I’ve got a big tenor voice. I also have a strong lower end, so I often venture into Baritone territory depending on the project. I’m just as comfortable in Plays as I am in Musicals. My ultimate goal is to be as stylistically versatile as possible. Keep scrolling for more, there’s more specifics - I’d love to share!

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Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Barrett Penrod - Headshot
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Voice Range: Tenor - A2 - D5 Chest/Mix, - G5 Head

Height: 6 feet

Barrett Penrod - Headshot
Slow JamJaimieThe Kennedy Center
Moon Landing (US Premeire)Mike CollinsSeattle Air and Space
Singing in the RainProduction TenorCoeur D’Alene Sum. Theatre
Pirates of PenzanceThe Pirate KingThe Core Ensemble
Title of ShowHunterSecond Story Rep Theatre
Don GiovanniMasettoThe Core Ensemble
Cardinal Sins (World Premeire)CamileCenterstage Theatre
Mamma MiaEnsembleSeattle Musical Theatre
Rapunzel - A Holiday PantoEnsembleCenterstage Theatre
For all That (World Premeire)EnsembleCenterstage Theatre
The Secret GardenEnsembleHale Center Theatre
Big RiverEnsembleSundance Summer Theatre
Educational Theatre
Speed DatingSoloist New York University
Cover MePrincipal SoloistNew York University
Home AgainPrincipal SoloistNew York University
SeussicalHorton Cornish College of the Arts
Spring AwakeningHanschenCornish College of the Arts
Good KidsLandonCornish College of the Arts
New York University: Master of Music in Vocal Performance - Musical Theater '22
Voice (Singing)Dr. Errik Hood
ActingErin Ortman
CoachingAlexander Gemignani
DanceMaximillian Baud
Text AnalysisHerschel Garfein
Audition TechniqueStan Tucker / David Alpert / Jen Bender
Recital RepDiana Heldman
Cornish College of the Arts: BFA - Theater '18
Voice (Singing)Candice Donehoo Pullom
Text AnalysisTimothy McCuen Piggee
ActingSheila Daniels
DanceTinka Daley

Special Skills

Large tenor voice with strong middle and lower voice (can and have played baritone roles). Advanced Part Singing. Sight Reading. Drag Performer. Dialects (IPA Trained). Singing Voice Specialist. Fitness Enthusiast. Visual Artist. Carol Channing Impression. SVS and Directing resumes available on request.

Video/Sound Demo

My Fortune is My Face: Fade Out - Fade In

Lonely House - Street Scene

Make You Feel My Love

Cover Me, NYU - Hello (Adele) Country Rock

Production Photos

Horton, Sussical

Barbara (Mae West’s The Drag), Gay City - Seattle, Washington

Horton, Sussical

Does Your Mother Know Ensemble (Mamma Mia), Seattle Musical Theatre

Horton, Sussical

Knight Ensemble (Cardinal Sins), Centerstage Theatre

Horton, Sussical

Hanschen (Barrett Penrod ) and Ernst (Spring Awakening), Cornish College of the Arts

Horton, Sussical

Horton the Elephant (Seussical), Cornish College of the Arts

Horton, Sussical

Rodney (Barrett Penrod) and Claire (The Drag), Gay City - Seattle Washington

Horton, Sussical

Soldier Ensemble (For All That), Centerstage Theatre


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